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Choosing the perfect venue for your conference is a game-changer, and The Lakehouse is just that. Great conference venues create an environment that is both productive and inspiring. And it’s not something easy to find. That’s where the Lakehouse stands out — with its unique blend of modern sophistication and serene lakeside views.

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A Tranquil Escape

Set in the heart of the picturesque Hawkesbury region, we offer a getaway that’s a mere stone’s throw from Sydney. Professional teams enjoy a tranquil escape that’s also conveniently accessible.

The Lakehouse architecture is breathtaking. Our establishment features Mount White Sandstone, sleek matte black framework, Victorian Ash timber cladding, and Tasmanian Oak glulam rafters. The elegant yet contemporary ambience eliminates the need for additional decor. Dramatic high ceilings and modern interiors are framed by captivating water views.

Inspire and impress the crowd with a striking ambience you won’t find elsewhere.

Benefit from state-of-the-art technology, comfortable seating and all-inclusive packages that cater to your conference needs. We provide the optimal setting if you aim to conduct impactful conferences and inspiring workshops.

The Lakehouse offers a refreshing alternative to most conference venues. Why? Because we blend the beauty of nature with modern sophistication and accessibility. Host your next conference in this unique lakeside venue.

Purpose-Built Conference Facilities

The best conference venues are purpose-built. Our grand room is equipped with state-of-the-art technology — including a 3-meter wide motorised projector screen, in-ceiling speaker system and plug-and-play laptop connectivity. Your presentations will run seamlessly.

With all these features, the Lakehouse is more than a venue. It’s a catalyst for innovation and success in an inspiring environment.

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Versatile Venue Hire for Corporate Groups

The Lakehouse is a versatile choice for corporate events. From brand launches to meetings, seminars to team building days, and PR events to conferences, our space adapts to your needs. With breathtaking water views and modern interiors, it eliminates the need for added decor.

Whether you’re inspiring your team, impressing clients, or hosting industry-leading seminars, The Lakehouse offers the perfect ambience.

By choosing a beautiful alternative to a usual Sydney conference venue, you can expect your corporate events to be impressive and memorable.

Simplified Event Planning with All-Inclusive Packages

Your convenience is our priority. That’s why we offer all-inclusive packages to streamline your event planning process. Organising a conference can be complex. So we’ve designed our packages to cover every essential detail. From seating configurations to high-quality technology, catering, and attentive service, we ensure your conference goes off without a hitch.

These packages allow you to focus on your conference’s content and goals while we handle the logistics. Your conferences are not only productive but also hassle-free.

Flexible Conference Rooms

Top conference venues understand that schedules can vary. That’s why The Lakehouse offers flexible room hire options. With a minimum booking of just three hours, you have the freedom to adjust the time according to your event’s requirements. Need a little more time than originally planned? No problem. Your conference will never be rushed, and the agenda will unfold at your own pace. This flexibility ensures that your event runs smoothly.

Our conference spaces cater to your unique needs – whether you have a short and impactful meeting or a longer gathering with multiple sessions.

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Beverage Packages to Complement Your Event

Every corporate event needs quality beverages. Whether it’s a mid-meeting coffee break or post-conference drinks, we have you covered. Self serve tea and coffee stations can be set up, or your guests can order barista made coffee any time they need a refreshing cup to keep them alert and energised. Looking to wind down and celebrate a successful conference? You can choose from our selection of wine, beer and cocktail beverages to toast to a successful day.

Menus for Every Occasion

The Lakehouse offers menus to suit every time of day and style of service. We understand that conferences have unique food and beverage requirements. Our menus reflect this diversity, providing options that range from buffets to plated meals, cocktail-style service to tempting grazing tables. Whether you’re looking for a hearty breakfast to kickstart your morning meeting, a formal plated lunch, or a casual cocktail hour to unwind, we have you covered.

Our expert culinary team deliver an exquisite variety of options that appeal to everyone. And, of course, all dietary requirements are well accommodated. From healthy options that energise your team to indulgent treats that celebrate your success, we ensure that your conference guests are well-fed and satisfied.

The Lakehouse catering options guarantee your guests a memorable and satisfying dining experience.

Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Both indoor and outdoor event spaces are at your disposal. The impressive indoor and outdoor areas offer a black canvas that can be tailored to the style of your event. Our indoor space is equipped with modern amenities and a contemporary ambience that fosters focus and productivity. Presentations, discussions, and networking sessions operate smoothly.

When you’re ready for some fresh air or a change of scenery, our outdoor area provides a breath of tranquility. The outdoor setting is perfect for coffee breaks or team-building activities. Enjoy the beautiful surroundings while overlooking the serene Redbank Lake. It’s an experience you won’t find at most Sydney conference venues.

Elevate Your Conferences at The Lakehouse

The Lakehouse stands out as the perfect choice for your corporate event. Our purpose-built conference venue features state-of-the-art technology, versatile spaces that adapt to your requirements, all-inclusive packages that simplify event planning, flexible room hire options, and a wide range of exceptional menus to cater to every occasion. We have your conference essentials covered.

What’s more, the versatile indoor and outdoor spaces create an adaptable and inspiring environment. Whether it’s a brand launch, a critical meeting, a seminar, a team-building day, or a full-fledged conference, The Lakehouse ensures that your event is conducted with sophistication. Plus, we are a refreshing alternative to the conference venues Sydney has to offer.

We invite you to elevate business conferences and private events with The Lakehouse – where natural beauty meets modern sophistication and where every detail is considered to make your event not just successful but also memorable.

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Unforgettable Hospitality

Your unforgettable event begins here at The Lakehouse, where modern sophistication meets natural beauty. Get in touch with us today to start planning your event in Western Sydney’s premier event destination. We are here to make your event feel completely yours.

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