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Your Dream Wedding Venue Awaits

Welcome to The Lakehouse – where your wedding takes centre stage. It’s time to venture on a beautiful journey, and we invite you to explore our idyllic setting for your big day. Transform your wedding vision into a reality amongst the unparalleled beauty of The Hawkesbury Region.

A Setting Beyond Imagination

Imagine your special day against the backdrop of Redbank Lake. Our spectacular wedding venue offers you a breathtaking canvas to paint your vision. Whether you dream of an intimate gathering or a grand celebration, our team is ready to transform those dreams into reality. The Lakehouse is the perfect place to celebrate the beginning of your life together.

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Proximity Meets Serenity

Located just moments from the hustle and bustle of Sydney, The Lakehouse provides the serenity of a destination wedding location without the long travel. Nestled in the Hawkesbury Region, we are just a short drive away from The Blue Mountains, Windsor, Richmond, Penrith, Blacktown, and Western Sydney. Your Sydney-based guests will have easy access to your once-in-a-lifetime celebration, with the freedom to stay near the venue, or easily make their way home after the party ends.

What Sets Us Apart

The Lakehouse stands out as a contemporary and modern waterfront venue. This is a true rarity for Sydney wedding spaces. We offer exclusive use of our venue, all-inclusive packages, and customisation options that are reasonably priced, located near a variety of accommodation and options for wedding ceremony venues. With us, you have everything you need to simplify your wedding planning.

Your wedding day is the reflection of your unique story as a couple. At The Lakehouse, we know what it takes to deliver unforgettable hospitality and the memories to accompany it. Explore our venue, bask in the beauty of nature, and begin writing your wedding tale with us.

Our team of experienced event planners will make sure that every detail of your wedding day is an extraordinary experience. Welcome to The Lakehouse—where your dream wedding awaits.

Venue Inclusions At The Lakehouse

The Lakehouse offers the freedom to tailor the event space exactly how you want it. We will provide all the essentials you’d expect of the most iconic wedding venues in Sydney.

Our inclusions:

  • Flexible table configurations: Round and rectangular tables to suit your preference
  • Bentwood chairs for comfort and style
  • Linen tablecloths & napkins for an elegant touch
  • Premium crockery, cutlery & glassware for a refined dining experience
  • In-built bar for your convenience
  • Professional staff
  • Your choice of incredible menus
  • An extensive beverage list of wines, beers, spirits and cocktails
  • State-of-the-art technology
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Room Capacity

The Lakehouse Wedding and Events Venue can comfortably seat up to 120 guests for sit down events, and up to 180 guests for standing events. Your dedicated event manager will be able to help you plan the best configuration for the size of your party.

Exquisite Menus for Weddings

Welcome Your Guests In Style

The Lakehouse Wedding and Events Venue offers flexible menus to afford you the freedom to curate your offering to align perfectly with your vision.

Your wedding guests can be greeted with an exquisite selection of canapés roamed by our professional wait staff, or an abundant grazing table of artisan cheeses or fresh seafood. Beautifully presented and overflowing with fresh produce, they are guaranteed to captivate your guests from the moment they arrive.

The Main Meal Is the Pinnacle Of The Day

When the times come for your guests to take their seats for the main meal, you will have rejoined your guests, they are relaxed, and… it’s time to let the party begin.

2-3 Course Plated Menus

A traditional sit-down, two or three-course meal is a classic for a reason. The staggered nature of this format allows you to schedule speeches in between courses. Our team of chefs release seasonal menus to showcase the very best of in-season produce, prepared with care and skill for a truly impressive menu. We all know that food has the power to evoke emotions and create new memories. Our goal is to ensure that each bite does just that.

Shared-Dining Menus

For those seeking a more intimate and communal dining experience, our shared-dining menu is perfect for bringing people together. We offer shared entrees, mains, sides and desserts, so you can choose a selection of dishes for each course to be served with sourdough bread and Pepe Saya butter.

We’ll serve your menu down the centre of each table so your quests can easily reach each dish.

Crafting the Perfect Celebration: What Makes a Wedding Truly Memorable

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It’s a day brimming with love, joy, and cherished memories. Let’s take a look at what turns a wedding into an enduring lifetime celebration.

Love and Connection

At the heart of every great wedding lies the sense of love and connection. A truly wonderful wedding is one where love shines from every corner. The genuine emotions exchanged between partners, the heartfelt vows that echo your commitment, and the warmth of your shared smiles set the tone for the day. Love permeates — touching not only the couple but also their family and friends.

Personalisation and Authenticity

Personalisation is the secret to creating an authentic experience. Our team at The Lakehouse are the experts in tailoring such an experience. A spectacular wedding mirrors the couple’s one-of-a-kind love story and individual personalities.

Your wedding should echo your identity as a couple. Whether you opt for a rustic theme or an elegant affair, we ensure your Lakehouse wedding reception will exude your style, values, and passions. Let us create the perfect celebration of your unique journey together.

A Memorable Experience

From the moment your guests arrive at The Lakehouse, they will feel welcomed and embraced by the atmosphere and hospitality.

The best weddings create opportunities for guests to connect. It’s a chance to toast, laugh, and dance the night away.

Our team can assist in recommending suppliers to help with all the special details that will help your wedding stand out. Thoughtful touches like a delivered breakfast or morning tea for the bridal party on the big day, recommendations for unique entertainment and local suppliers, and a well-curated menu that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Your Dream

As you dream of your ideal wedding, consider what matters most. It’s not merely about the dress or the guest list. It’s about the personal story you share as a couple and the lasting memories you craft. By selecting The Lakehouse as your wedding reception venue, you’re taking the first step toward fusing all these elements into a beautiful celebration.

Your Setting

The Lakehouse paints a perfect wedding portrait. Our modern and elegant waterfront venue provides a backdrop that exudes sophistication and charm.

With our all-inclusive packages and options to customise the offering exactly as you want it, we are ready to weave your unique love story into every facet of your celebration.

We ensure it’s a truly personal and unforgettable experience. And most importantly, The Lakehouse offers a serene escape from the city. It is a special place where the beauty of nature enhances the essence of love and connection.

Capturing Timeless Moments

One of the most cherished aspects of any wedding is the opportunity to capture timeless moments. The Lakehouse provides the perfect backdrop for your wedding day photography. If you long for stunning wedding imagery, then you won’t find a better wedding venue.

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The Glistening Redbank Lake

Imagine your special day on the glistening Redbank Lake. As the sun sets or rises over the tranquil waters, it casts a warm, ethereal glow on your celebration. Every corner of The Lakehouse offers a picturesque view — whether you’re sharing a toast on our spacious balcony overlooking the lake or posing for portraits in our beautifully landscaped outdoor area.

Natural Beauty Meets Modern Elegance

The Lakehouse effortlessly blends natural beauty with modern elegance. From the sleek lines of our contemporary architecture to the serene waters that stretch beyond our doors, every element complements your love story.

Spectacular Wedding Photography

The Lakehouse is a dream come true for photographers thanks to unlimited settings for creative shots. Wedding photos never look better. Capture candid moments of laughter and love as your guests mingle on our private outdoor terrace. Or, steal a quiet moment on the balcony with your beloved, framed by the beauty of the lake.

Beautifully Framed Memories

The Lakehouse provides more than just a beautiful wedding venue. It offers an experience in which to frame your memories. Whether it’s the romantic sunset photos, candid shots of your loved ones on the dance floor, or the intimate moments you share with your partner, our idyllic setting ensures your wedding album tells a story of love and joy.

A Convenient Oasis

Strike the perfect balance between accessibility and a tranquil getaway. At The Lakehouse, we’re not just offering a beautiful venue but a conveniently located oasis that brings your loved ones closer. It’s the perfect alternative to a Sydney wedding venue. Let guests make an easy escape to the heart of the picturesque Hawkesbury region.

Proximity to Other Popular Destinations

Your journey to The Lakehouse is a breeze. We’re easily accessible from the Blue Mountains, Windsor, Richmond, Penrith, Blacktown and Western Sydney, and only an hours’ drive from the Sydney CBD. Wedding guests can easily join you for the special day from anywhere in the Sydney area.

Destination Charm

Enjoy destination charm without the extensive travel. The Hawkesbury region provides a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of Sydney CBD. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature just a short drive away.

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Extend the Celebration

For those who seek a destination wedding experience, The Lakehouse provides a great starting point. The Hawkesbury region is home to many stunning rental properties along the Hawkesbury River, making it ideal for a weekend away. Why not offer the taste of a destination wedding experience right here in the Hawkesbury?

Your Gateway to the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is undeniably a sought-after wedding destination. Its breathtaking natural beauty and romantic mystique never disappoint. And we’re nearby! Nestled at the foot of this majestic mountain range, North Richmond is an ideal choice for couples seeking a mountainside wedding venue.

A Scenic Haven

Enjoy the charm of the mountains with the convenience of a well-connected town. The North Richmond area is practical yet tranquil. Plus, the proximity to the Blue Mountains lets you weave the mountain backdrop into your wedding celebration. Let the awe-inspiring mountain peaks witness all your special moments. And let the lush, green valleys set the mood.

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A Natural Setting

The allure of the Blue Mountains lies in its natural grandeur. The scene is awe-inspiring. Our spectacular setting is a distinct alternative to a Sydney Harbour Bridge or Sydney Opera House backdrop. Why not set your special scene amongst nature’s bounty? Richmond’s unique location allows you to infuse your wedding with the mystique of the mountains and valleys.

The Best of Both Worlds

Opting for The Hawkesbury as your unique wedding destination gives you the perfect blend of both worlds. Enjoy the captivating beauty of the Mountains and the convenience and amenities of Richmond. It’s a place where love meets nature. A place where your wedding becomes a harmonious union of romance and scenery.

Choose the Lakehouse for a Blue Mountains-inspired celebration in the Hawkesbury region.

A Modern Gem in the Heart of the Hawkesbury

What distinguishes The Lakehouse from other wedding venues in the Hawkesbury region? Contemporary sophistication and modern charm. While many other venues lean towards rustic aesthetics or are hotel-based, The Lakehouse stands out as a modern gem.

An Architectural Marvel on the Waterfront

The Lakehouse is not just an unforgettable wedding venue. It’s an architectural triumph. The modern design is a refreshing departure from the more traditional wedding venues found in the Hawkesbury region. With sleek lines and state-of-the-art amenities, our establishment is one of a kind. Both contemporary and elegant.

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The Shores of Redbank Lake

Adding to its distinctiveness, The Lakehouse offers a waterfront location. Imagine the romantic ambience as you make toasts against the tranquil backdrop of Redbank Lake or take sunset photos by the water’s edge.

Opt for modern sophistication with the serenity of nature for a unique, intimate wedding venue.

Where Contemporary Elegance Meets Waterfront Serenity

The Lakehouse is more than a venue. It’s a symbol of modernity, elegance, and uniqueness. What’s more, we offer a striking alternative to the traditional options in the Hawkesbury region.

If you envision your wedding as a reflection of contemporary style and beauty, then The Lakehouse is your spot. We offer the perfect stage to bring your vision to life.

The distinct, modern charm and waterfront location will transform your wedding into an unforgettable celebration.

Unique Benefits

At The Lakehouse, we take immense pride in the unique attributes that set us apart from the rest. Our exceptional features make us one of the best wedding venues in New South Wales. Partner with us to enjoy:

Exclusive Use

When you choose The Lakehouse, you gain exclusive access to our venue for your private celebration. Privacy is paramount. A wedding on Sydney Harbour or at the Royal Botanic Gardens, while beautiful, can’t provide the same level of privacy and tranquility.

The Lakehouse, on the other hand, offers you a serene oasis where you can fully immerse yourself in your special day. Best of all, you still get to enjoy a spectacular waterfront wedding venue.

A State-of-the-Art Wedding Reception Venue

Our venue blends modern sophistication with cutting-edge amenities to set the stage for an unforgettable atmosphere. Enjoy all the modern conveniences. Imagine the amenities of Pier One Sydney Harbour, but set amongst the tranquility of the lakes and mountains.

Post Wedding Ceremony Indulgence

After wedding ceremonies, guests are usually ready to celebrate. It’s time to eat, drink and dance. Of course, we understand this anticipation. That’s why we offer a beautiful selection of menus crafted with care and creativity.

All-Inclusive Wedding Packages

Our bespoke wedding packages cover everything you need, from delicious food and beverages to professional staff and equipment. Everything is accounted for. What’s more, our dedicated team handles every detail with care and precision.


Tailor your experience to perfection. Upgrade menu packages and add delightful extras like canapés, cheese grazing tables, seafood grazing tables, dessert tables, and cocktails to suit your unique vision.

Nearby Accommodation

The Lakehouse is surrounded by many accommodation options where your guests can enjoy a comfortable stay nearby.

No Long Wait Lists (Like Other Sydney Wedding Venues)

Say goodbye to the frustration of long wait lists. Choose your ideal time of year. Unlike many Sydney Wedding Venues, The Lakehouse is newly opened. That means more flexibility in choosing your desired wedding date.

Affordable Wedding Packages

We recognise the significance of budget considerations. That’s why we provide packages that offer excellent value. And we always uphold our high-quality standards. Enjoy hospitality that’s on par with the top Sydney wedding venues at a price you can afford.

One of the Premier Wedding Venues in Sydney

Join us at the Lakehouse in the Hawkesbury region for an unforgettable wedding reception. Our popular wedding venue is ideal for couples seeking a unique experience. With us, your dream wedding becomes a reality.

Enjoy elegance, convenience, and affordability in a spectacular setting.

Thank you for your interest in celebrating your wedding reception at The Lakehouse. 

Our wedding planners can guide you through the process in a few easy steps. If you can leave your details here, we’ll get in touch to begin working on a proposal for you right away.

Unforgettable Hospitality

Your unforgettable event begins here at The Lakehouse, where modern sophistication meets natural beauty. Get in touch with us today to start planning your event in Western Sydney’s premier event destination. We are here to make your event feel completely yours.

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