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The Lakehouse Sydney Venue Hire

If you’re looking to hire a venue to host a special celebration, look no further than the Lakehouse. An idyllic-setting for any kind of event or celebration, nestled in the heart of the Hawkesbury region. An architectural triumph, our breathtaking waterfront venue is full of natural light and holds up to 180 guests.

Our team is standing-ready to provide everything you need to host an event, from the elegant space, to professional staff, all necessary equipment, and flexible food and beverage packages.

Streamline Your Event

Planning an event can be a daunting task. It is often filled with numerous details to coordinate and decisions to make. Our team knows the importance of a seamless and stress-free event planning process. It’s a celebration, after all!  That’s why we offer all-inclusive packages to streamline the journey.

Partner with us for an effortless experience that allows you to enjoy a spectacular event alongside your guests.

Our venue hire services come with a host of wonderful benefits. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate gathering, or a cocktail style celebration, we’ll make sure it’s nothing short of remarkable. The Lakehouse team will transform your event into an unforgettable occasion. And we’ll do it with expertise. From the convenience of comprehensive packages to the freedom of customisation, we’re here to bring your vision to life and make your event planning a breeze.

Venue Hire Fees

Unlike other venues, we don’t charge a venue hire fee. All we ask is that you reach a reasonable minimum spend on food and beverages.

Monday-Friday 7am–5pm: $2,100
Monday-Friday 5pm–11pm: $2,100
Saturday-Sunday 7am–5pm: $4,000
Saturday-Sunday 5pm–11pm: $6,000

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Exquisite Menu Choices

For any event, one of the most significant factors is the culinary experience. Beautiful food is one of the keys to success. At The Lakehouse, our in-house catering team offers a range of exquisite menus for any time of day. Select from a range of choices to suit everything from casual and relaxed affairs to elegant, fine dining options.

Tailored Packages

Our menu packages are thoughtfully designed to offer delicious nourishment that complements the occasion. And, of course, our food is always beautifully presented. We go the extra mile to ensure our menus suit the overall ambience and style of your event. Our food is designed to impress – from stunning finger food for casual gatherings, to generous buffets and elegant plated meals for special occasions.

Every event is unique, and your menu should reflect that. Whether planning a formal sit-down dinner or a relaxed shared feast, our menu packages can be tailored to your specific vision. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or other dietary requirements are well accommodated. We take pride in bringing a dining experience that guests will remember long after the event.

Our Culinary Team

Our in-house chefs bring creativity and expertise to the table. Using only the finest seasonal ingredients and fresh farm produce, we spoil your guests with a range of options. Every aspect of the dining experience is executed with precision— from the presentation of each dish to the seamless service our professional staff provides.

At The Lakehouse, we believe that food is an integral part of the event experience. With our exquisite menu packages, your guests will savour each bite. Your event will be one for the memory books.

Raise your Glass

A well-curated beverage selection is crucial for the success of any event. At the Lakehouse, we offer a variety of beverages so that you can choose a menu that perfectly aligns with the nature of your celebration. Curate your ideal selection of fine wines, craft beers, or signature cocktails.

Affordable venues can be hard to come by. If you’re looking for flexibility, our bar tab option lets you set a specific budget for your event. This option helps ensure that you remain in control of your expenses. We also provide a charge-on-consumption basis from our in-built bar for a more customised approach.

Let’s ensure your guests have their glasses raised for a memorable celebration.

The Equipment to Make it a Party

The Lakehouse team always takes pride in ensuring that your event runs smoothly from start to finish. And we have all the right tools to do it. Our venue inclusions encompass all the necessary equipment required to execute a stylish event. From versatile table configurations and comfortable Bentwood chairs to elegant linen tablecloths and napkins, we provide everything you need to set the stage for your event’s success.

Our state-of-the-art technology, including a 3-meter wide motorised projector screen and a multi-zone, in-ceiling speaker system, promises that your presentations, music, and announcements are flawlessly delivered. We leave no detail to chance. The inclusive equipment offerings are designed to make your event planning effortless — so you can focus on enjoying the moment.

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Elegant Event Spaces

The Lakehouse is not just a venue; it’s a versatile canvas ready to be transformed into the perfect space for every type of event. We invite you to shape your event, just how you like it. Throw an elegant engagement party, a lively hen’s party, or a glamorous formal event. Design your own heartwarming baby shower or a reflective Celebration of Life.

Blank canvas venues like the Lakehouse let you paint the scene – from cocktail parties to corporate functions and gala dinners. It’s a versatility you won’t find in many Sydney venues.

Our space is your space, and we’re here to make your event truly unforgettable, no matter the occasion.

Elevate Corporate Gatherings

The Lakehouse is the ideal setting for corporate events. Offering far more than your typical function rooms, The Lakehouse blends professionalism with a serene ambience. Benefit from state-of-the-art technology, versatile seating configurations and an in-built bar. Meetings, conferences, workshops, and team-building sessions flow effortlessly.

A Sleek, Professional Environment

Our venue is guaranteed to impress the crowd — with high ceilings and captivating water views. Additional decor isn’t necessary unless you wish to tailor it to the event. We will set the stage for productive and memorable corporate gatherings. Whether aiming to inspire your team, impress your clients or celebrate achievements, The Lakehouse is the ideal backdrop. Our sleek atmosphere will enhance focus, creativity, and collaboration, all within an elegant and unique setting you can’t find in Sydney CBD.

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The Lakehouse: Your Dream Wedding Venue

The Lakehouse is the epitome of an ideal wedding venue. It’s where love stories come to life against a backdrop of natural beauty and modern sophistication. The scene is breathtaking. Our serene lakeside overlooking Redbank Lake sets the stage for a day of romance. 

Your Style, Our Backdrop

With flexibility in event format, a modern and elegant interior, and the freedom to customise, our venue seamlessly adapts to your unique wedding day vision. The extensive outdoor area and balcony provide sweeping water-views. Enjoy the entire venue for your special day.

At The Lakehouse, your dream wedding is not just a possibility. It’s a promise we deliver.

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The Ideal Birthday Venue

The Lakehouse is the perfect spot for private events like birthdays. Celebrate with kids or mark a significant milestone as an adult. Our versatile space can adapt to any theme you like. Ample room for fun and entertainment, comfortable seating, and stunning views make us one of the best venues near Sydney. It’s the perfect atmosphere to make lasting memories — no matter your age. Celebrate your special day with us, and let the festivities begin in style.

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A Captivating Setting for Engagement Parties

The Lakehouse setting is the perfect complement to engagement celebrations. With its romantic lakeside location, our modern, elegant venue sets the perfect stage for this momentous occasion. Throw an intimate gathering or a grand party with our versatile space that adapts to your vision.

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The expansive outdoor area and balcony provide breathtaking vistas and offer the ideal backdrop – perfect for those cherished engagement photos. Make your party a reflection of your love story.

Mark the beginning of your journey toward a lifetime together by celebrating in style at the Lakehouse.

Throw Your Hens Party at The Lakehouse

Enjoy one of the most sophisticated and fun party venues in the region. Our contemporary, elegant space makes an idyllic backdrop for celebrating with friends before the big day. And you can tailor the ambience to match your style. Choose a classy affair or enjoy a more relaxed gathering. With the beautiful lakeside views and ample room for games and activities, The Lakehouse ensures your hen’s party is memorable.

Make your pre-wedding celebration unique and unforgettable at The Lakehouse.

Celebrating New Beginnings

The Lakehouse offers a serene environment for baby showers. Our modern, elegant venue, surrounded by tranquil views, creates the ideal atmosphere for commemorating this special occasion. The expansive outdoor area and balcony make capturing cherished moments a delight.

Let’s celebrate the joy and anticipation that comes with welcoming a new life.

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Honouring Lives with Grace and Comfort

The Lakehouse provides a serene and comforting space for Celebrations of Life. Families and friends can come together in a tranquil atmosphere to commemorate the lives of their loved ones. Ample space for reflection and remembrance make The Lakehouse a perfect choice for honouring and celebrating a life well-lived.

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Elegance and Sophistication – Formal Event Venue

Our contemporary and stylish space is versatile, allowing you to tailor the ambience to your specific formal requirements. The grand space, comfortable seating, and high ceilings exude an air of grandeur. Plus, the stunning lakeside backdrop adds the extra touch of charm that only waterfront venues can offer. Enjoy a memorable formal event that exudes style and grace.

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Family-Friendly Fun

One of the standout features of The Lakehouse venue is its proximity to an incredible adventure playground. Positioned right next door, this playground provides a haven of entertainment for children and teens.  Enjoy slides, swings, climbing structures, and even a water play area. 

While the grown-ups enjoy the party, the younger guests can explore and have a great time. The park is thoughtfully located within eye-sight of our outdoor function space, ensuring a safe and secure environment. The park is also gated, giving you the peace of mind to keep a watchful eye on the little ones without missing a moment of joy with your family and friends.

The child-friendly atmosphere at the Lakehouse make us one of the most popular event venues within close drive of Sydney.

Your Event, Our Promise

At The Lakehouse, we are more than just a venue. We are your partner in creating unforgettable moments. Our all-inclusive venue hire options and exquisite menu packages ensure that your event planning is seamless and enjoyable.

Let The Lakehouse be the canvas for your next event, and together, we’ll craft experiences that become unforgettable memories.

Unforgettable Hospitality

Your unforgettable event begins here at The Lakehouse, where modern sophistication meets natural beauty. Get in touch with us today to start planning your event in Western Sydney’s premier event destination. We are here to make your event feel completely yours.

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